Watch Much Ado About Nothing

Watch the 1993 Kenneth Branagh version here.


Cast List is Posted

Congratulations to the Cast of Much Ado About Nothing

Benedick : Stoddard Owens

Beatrice : Benita V. Graham

Don Pedro : Jon Mark Hogg

Don John : Kyu Lordes

Hero : Kristin Schwarz

Margaret : Delaney O’Neal

Ursula : Chloe Choate

Claudio : TBD

Leonato : Charley Blake

Doggberry : Yvette Sherman

Verges : Curtis Price

Borachio : Veronica Cawrse

Conrade : Anita Reisdorfer

Seacoal : Cassidy Brown

Ensemble: Madalyn Campbell, Curtis Price, Anita Reisdorfer, Cassidy Brown, Sarah Stevens-Smith